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Have Fun with Frolic! in Williamsburg

Picture of Frolic! co-owners by Joe Marino for New York Daily New

If you’re a rockin’ mom who wants to have something to do with her babe during her free time – have we got the spot for you! Two neighborhood moms just opened the new location called Frolic! and it’s definitely a spot where you can frolic.

Rockin’ New Spot

This new spot is located on the ground floor of the condo building called The Edge and, as co-owner Carey Balogh said,

“It’s definitely a rock n’ roll wonderland.”

Membership fees aren’t something to blink at here, with a yearly membership costing $828-1320.   But, as co-owners Carey Balogh and Julia Dawson say, it’s a place that any mom and every kid will love.

Indoor Play Fun

This indoor playground has an LED-lighted concert state, a tongue slide inspired by the Rolling Stones days, a lounge for moms and dads to drink coffee, an interactive VW bus and much more.   As Balogh said, “Everything we’ve done is custom-designed. You’re getting this super high-end experience.”

In addition to the play areas, there are music classes and rock history classes for the little ones.   And, of course, custom birthday parties can be enjoyed for the low price of just $750.

And Brooklyn parents are going mad for it. As Balogh explained, the memberships have so far been gobbled up by families in the Edge, and also by families in nearby condo towers Northside Piers.   Greenpoint and Williamsburg parents want in on the action as well.

A Grand Idea

The idea for the play place came from Balogh’s basement.   Her husband spent 17 years touring as a production manager for hot groups such as Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones. Kids would come to their house, enjoying the guitars and all of the memorabilia, and they started to think about creating a play location like this basement space.

The founders, waxing nostalgically for their more exciting, concert-going days, hope they’ve hit a nerve with their new venture.   As Julia Dawson said,

“I was a huge concert-goer…Even when I was pregnant we were going to concerts almost every night. As soon as you have children your life really changes…We’re trying to bridge that gap and share an aspect of their lifestyle with their children.”


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