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Governor Cuomo to Review Safety of Nuclear Power Plant

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

Indian Point Near Seismic Fault

Located just 35 miles north of Manhattan, the Indian Point Energy Center is situated close to the Ramapo Fault in New York. Although seismic activity along this fault line is infrequent and the plant is also built to handle the worst imaginable earthquake that the region would most likely experience, Governor Cuomo has expressed a desire to review the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s information concerning safety of the nuclear power plant located there.

Cuomo Just Checking

Josh Vlasto, spokesman for Cuomo said he does not believe this is an order but rather just a cautious evaluation of the federal information which will be conducted by the Cuomo administration.

Built to Last

Indian Point Energy Center is located along the Hudson River in Westchester County, north of New York City. Spokesman for Entergy Nuclear, the company that runs Indian Point, Jerry Nappi explained that the plant is constructed to automatically shut down if any earthquake of magnitude 6.0 or higher should strike the area, but the plant can deal with seismic events of much greater magnitude.


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