Get Ready for Dior at the Brooklyn Museum

We are always ready to stand up and listen when Christian Dior talks. Right now, the talk is about how Dior is planning to have a pre-fall 2024 fashion show, scheduled for April 15 at the iconic Brooklyn Museum.

Designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, the collection focuses on the connection between Dior and the United States while also, obviously, showcasing the alliance between Dior and the Brooklyn Museum.

In a previous spectacle last March, Dior presented its pre-fall collection at the Gateway of India in Mumbai, a show that featured 99 styles. This event stood out for its unique tribute to India, with Chiuri incorporating a vibrant color palette, intricate motifs, mirror work, sequins, and traditional crafts. Collaborating with Karishma Swali, director of the Chanakya ateliers and the Chanakya School of Craft in Mumbai, Chiuri showcased her deep appreciation for Indian embroidery and craftsmanship.

With the upcoming Brooklyn Museum show, Dior continues to demonstrate its global reach, melding fashion, culture, and art to create a memorable and immersive experience for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. It will certainly be worth the peak and is a much-anticipated event for the area.


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