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Great Gallery Visits in NYC in January

While the weather is cold, this is the best time to enjoy the many museums that New York has to offer. There are so many galleries and exhibits around. Here is a deep dive into one, and then a quick presentation of some other great exhibits to see through January.

Explore the intersection of art, history, and environmental consciousness at the Institute for Studies in Latin American Art’s (ISLAA) new TriBeCa space. The groundbreaking exhibition, “Revisiting the Potosí Principle Archive: Histories of Art and Extraction,” delves into the roots of Western capitalism, drawing a compelling connection between the destructive Spanish colonial silver mining industry in Potosí, Bolivia, and its impact on land and life.

The ground floor installation resembles a cavernous seminar room, featuring a central table adorned with printed texts, surrounded by historical maps, paintings, and contemporary works. Meanwhile, upstairs, “The Precious Life of a Liquid Heart” curated by Bernardo Mosqueira explores terrestrial endangerment, focusing on the spiritual significance of water in Latin America’s Indigenous and Afro-Atlantic cultures. Artists like Chonon Bensho and Carolina Caycedo contribute to this poignant exhibit, emphasizing the urgent need to embrace and protect our precious natural resources. Don’t miss this thought-provoking journey through art and history in ISLAA’s new home. This exhibit will be showing through February 10 at the Institute for Studies in Latin American Art, 142 Franklin Street, Manhattan.

Here is a quick list of other events happening around the city:

  1. ‘Something Beautiful: Reframing La Colección’ through March 10 at the El Museo del Barrio
  2. ‘G. Peter Jemison’ through January 27 at 47 Canal, 291 Grand Street
  3. ‘Landing: A Group Exhibition’ through January 13 at the Goodman Gallery, 23 East 67th Street
  4. ‘Trey Abdella’ through January 13 at Vito Schnabel, 455 West 19th Street


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