Abe George Challenging Incumbent Hynes for Brooklyn DA Job

Abe George to Challenge Charles Hynes for Brooklyn DA

Sheepshead Bay native and presently resident of Williamsburg, former assistant district attorney in Manhattan Abe George has decided to challenge incumbent Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes for his job.

“We’ve lost trust in DA Hynes and that’s a huge problem for the community. My election will be about restoring integrity to the office,” said George.

Hynes has been Brooklyn’s DA for 23 years, since 1989, and George is convinced that the voters are ready for a change. Citing recent criticism of Hynes for his relationship with the Orthodox Jewish community, especially concerning the prosecution of people accused of sexual abuse and child abuse, George believes this is just one example of Hynes’ lack of integrity and ability to get the job done.

“He’s lost all credibility in prosecuting these sex crimes in the ultra-Orthodox community and as a result of that some of the political prosecution power we’ve had,” said George. “He’s failing to protect children and he’s failing to protect the public from crime.”

George’s criticism is not limited to Hynes’ dealings with the Jewish community. He also believes that Hynes’ approach to crime in general is ineffective and troubling.

“Hynes has done a terrible job at addressing crimes in general,” he said. George noted that Brooklyn has the most murders of any of New York’s boroughs, accounting for 38 percent of all of the City’s homicides.

George will not give Hynes credit for the generally acknowledged drop in crime in Brooklyn over the past 20 years, either, saying that the phenomenon is national and has little to do with any actions taken by the DA.

Abe George is a graduate of Midwood High School, and then attended NYU, where he received his BA. He received his Law Degree from Hofstra University Law School. Both of George’s parents are immigrants from India. George says he is ready to canvas the streets and meet the people up close during his campaign for DA.

“I’m meeting with the communities, victims, churches, and mosques for the first 90 days to get on the ground and meet people,” he said. “I’m a city guy and a Brooklyn boy and it’s been frustrating to see how Brooklyn has suffered in different areas recently.”


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