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All-Female Mariachi Band Takes on Brooklyn

Flor de Toloache

Everyone in Brooklyn knows that we break the barriers — and our mariachi skills are no exception.   Brooklyn is enjoying a great new mariachi band, and what makes this one unique is that it’s all women.   Playing Saturday night at Williamsburg bar El Moderno, the group called Flor de Toloache, is the City’s first all-female mariachi band.

Mariachi Traditions

Typically, in Mexico, this musical genre is played by men and it has the tradition of being passed from father to son.   As the group’s founder, Mireya Ramos, explains, she is proud to be doing what would be seen in Mexico as a man’s job!

As she said,

“It feels powerful, in a way. I feel like I have a voice. I feel like I’m making a statement.”

They stick to tradition in many ways, playing old-fashioned songs such as “La Malaguena” and “Por Un Amor.” They wear traditional mariachi clothing as well, with the black “charro” outfits and even the silver trim on the sides of their pants. However, instead of wearing sombreros, these ladies have flowers adorning their hair.

Group Beginnings

The group has named itself after a Mexican plant that is used for love potions. Two band members, Ramos and Veronica Medellin, live in Jersey City while members Sonia Montez, Eva Lou Vossmerbaumer and Shae Fiol live in Bushwick and Sunset Park.

Next up for the Flor de Toloache? They are saving up money for studio time so that they can record their first album this spring.   And they are certainly breaking ground with each step that they take — and each song that they make.

Check them out and enjoy!



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