Coney Island’s Luna Park Expanding

Lovers of amusement parks are in for a special treat come summer 2022. That’s the date set for the completion of a major expansion of the already beloved Luna Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Expansion plans include new rides, pedestrian plazas, and other attractions designed to entertain and enthrall.

Visitors can expect to see a brand-new ropes course called the “Sky Chaser.” There will also be added a “Super Flume” and a unique ride called the J2SK Coaster, which cleverly and thrillingly combines the fun of a log flume with the excitement of a roller coaster.

The grounds will also be spiffed up with gorgeous pedestrian plazas; landscaped spaces encompassing three streets between Wonder Wheel Way and the Coney Island Boardwalk. The plazas will host spaces for food, games, open-air entertainment, retail locations, carnival booths, and more, all nestled in an airy, shady open area.

Luna Park is New York City’s largest amusement park and one of its oldest, clocking in at over 130 years old.


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