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Brooklyn’s Sushi Hot Spot

Sushi Mikasa
If you enjoy sushi, have we got the spot for you. General Manager of Sushi Mikasa, Michael Barkin has recently brought in chef Kevin Chun from his upper East Side work at Sushi Seki. Now, the best sushi in town will definitely be right down the street in Brooklyn.

Sushi Mikasa is located in Sheepshead Bay, at the corner of Sheepshead Bay and Gravesend Neck Roads. As Barkin recently bragged to the NYDailyNews,

“There’s nothing that you can compare to in terms of the style that we have and the quality that we have. Most of the places around here sell discount sushi.”

Barkin himself has returned to Brooklyn after living on the upper East Side for many years. While on the upper East Side he developed his friendship with Kevin Chun and learned that Chun wanted to go out on his own.

Chun reported to Barkin that “close to 50% of the business was Brooklynites” at his upper East Side location and that he’d love to be working in Brooklyn.

And so the idea was born. The number one choice on the menu at Sushi Mikasa is the chef’s tasting menu and the section entitled “Chef Kevin’s Originals.” In a clever promotional piece, Barkin uploads photos daily to the Sushi Mikasa Instagram account, and they find people coming into the restaurant and saying, “I want this one.”

Barkin hopes to see a surge of Brooklyn’s finest feasting on local sushi. As he said, “There’s a lot of potential in this area and it’s an untapped market when it comes to certain styles of food. There are plenty of people who enjoy going out and don’t want to travel. We here love to eat, too.”


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