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Brooklyn Tech Swimmer Beats Record

Brooklyn Tech is celebrating today – in the water.   George Tilneac, a sophomore swimmer, just shattered the 100-yard backstroke record.   He finished in 55.25, topping the previous record of 56.77, which was set earlier this year.   At the moment, his time is the best in the PSAL and his swim this Thursday got him qualified for the state championships.

As Brooklyn Tech coach Maureen O’Hara said of Tilneac, “He’s been tasting that. And this is the beginning of the season. All I can see is him destroying that current record even more.”

She expects to see Tilneac’s name on many more school records before his time with Brooklyn Tech finishes. He is, after all, only a sophomore.

Last year, Brooklyn Tech made the PSAL finals, but they lost during them to Stuyvesant at a score of 62-39. O’Hara is hoping that this year the Engineers will be a better challenge for Stuyvesant.

They look forward to the challenge ahead – as does George Tilneac.

Picture by Jeff Bachner for New York Daily News.


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