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Brooklyn Teacher Sponsors Ice Skating Trip for Students

Prospect Height’s International High School recently had to cut back on a field trip budget, which meant more than 60 students would not experience the ice skating tradition in Central Park this holiday season. Math teacher Marcelle Good refused to ruin her students’ Christmas, and so she raised more than $800 to sponsor the trip herself.

None of her students had ever ice skated before, and Good explained that she wanted them to indulge in the true winter pastime whatever the cost. Good has been working at the school for five years.

“It’s my job not just to teach them math, but to give them experiences they may not otherwise get” she said.
Good raised the money by turning to nine of her closest friends and explaining the situation. It took only nine days for her to collect the entire sum needed for the trip.

“People care about our students” she explained.

Though their ice skating skills are less than impressive, the students were all thrilled.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done this. I’m having so much fun!” one student said.. “I was very scared to fall, but I like it.”


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