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Brooklyn Teacher Offers Kids Unique Experience

People often complain about teachers who don’t make the grade and about the state of education in America. They don’t always, however, get to see a glimpse of the amazing things that some teachers do.

Prospect Heights’ International High School recently had to cut back on its field trip budget. Math teacher Marcelle Good didn’t let that stop her, however, and she recently raised over $800 to bring her sixty immigrant students to the Lasker Ice Skating Rink in Central Park.

Not a single one of the students had ever ice skated and Good wanted her students to enjoy a winter pastime.

As Good told the Daily News,

“It’s my job not just to teach them math, but to give them experiences they may not otherwise get.”

Good turned to nine of her friends for the money and she was able, in only nine days, to raise the money for the trip.   As Good said, “People care about our students.”

One student expressed her excitement.   Bashma Salim said,

“This is the first time I’ve ever done this. I’m having so much fun. I was very scared to fall, but I like it.”

Picture by Bryan Smith for New York Daily News.


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