Brooklyn Independent Music Festival Coming

If you’re at all into music, then this is the weekend to be in Gowanus. This coming weekend, the first Brooklyn Independent Music Festival will take place at Littlefield on DeGraw Street in Gowanus. Organized by Bennett Miller of Bedford-Stuyvesant, it should be well worth your time.

The First Annual Festival

As Miller said,

“Brooklyn represents something to people all over the world. What it represents is independent creativity at its height. It’s a trend-setting community for many different markets like style, music [and] art all over the world.”

The festival should have about 60 acts with a range of styles from hip-hop and rock to electronic. Littlefield was chosen as the perfect location since the space allows for two separate stages. As Miller explained, “It’s one of the only spaces in NYC that’s as big as it is. It’s a cool space; it’s a space that’s good for breeding community. I’m really happy that we’re using it.”

Artists Learning from Each Other

Miller thought of the idea to create a way for artists to promote themselves and to learn from each other. He wanted to use this as an opportunity to strengthen the local music scene and to bring together top musicians to share and promote each other’s work.

One of the participants, singer Michaela Anne, said that, “I think the mission of the festival, that it is about all Brooklyn, all independent musicians, is a great effort in connecting the community more and introducing local bands to hopefully support each other.”

The festival starts on Friday with showtimes from 3:15 pm to 2 am and continues on Saturday and Sunday. Visit bkindiefest.org for more information.


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