Brooklyn College – Aiming High in the US News Ranking

Brooklyn College has another reason to be proud of itself. They have, again, been recognized by U.S. News & World Report. This time they received the 38th position in Best Colleges, a significant leap from 63rd last year. They’ve also received some notable rankings in other categories: 7th in Top Performers on Social Mobility, 14th among Top Public Schools, and 17th in Best Colleges for Veterans. Furthermore, Brooklyn College stands out for maintaining the highest “Campus Diversity Index” for six consecutive years, highlighting its commitment to racial and ethnic diversity on campus. This index considers the proportion of minority students and the mix of groups, excluding international students, based on data from the fall 2022 undergraduate student body.

The U.S. News rankings, now in their 39th year, assess 1,500 institutions across 19 measures of academic quality, focusing on social mobility and outcomes. These rankings offer prospective students and their families one of many ways to make informed decisions about their college education. Certainly, there are many factors that contribute to the decision to apply to, and ultimately attend, one school or another. This is definitely a nice indicator of the type of school and environment people who go to Brooklyn College will experience.


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