Brooklyn Boa Busted for Riding MTA without Paying

Boa Constrictor. Photo by  XPS420
Boa Constrictor. Photo by XPS420

With flashbacks to the famed Bronx Zoo Cobra, another large snake of the boa constrictor variety was caught riding the B12 bus along East New York Avenue a few Saturdays ago.

As soon as the driver spotted the snake, eight stops into his route, he immediately turned his bus around and headed back to the depot. Apparently there were no other riders on the bus. Back at the depot workers removed some bus panels to reach the snake, who was trying to get closer to the warmth from the engine. Workers from Animal Care and Control took the snake to somewhere, presumably safer than an MTA bus.

Someone for the MTA said that a different driver had seen someone with a snake in a bag enter the bus the day before. The driver assumed when the passenger with the snake left the bus, that he took his snake with him. Wrong!

“A guy brought a snake with him on the bus” the source said. “I guess it got too big for him to take care of, so he left it on the bus in a bag.”


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