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Brooklyn Baker Looking to Set World Record

If you’ve never been to see the Cakeman, or to eat his signature red velvet cake, you certainly should. The Fort Greene baker called Cakeman Raven, but whose real name is Raven Patrick De’Sean Dennis 3rd, is working on getting into the Guinness Book of World Records with his velvet cake.

World’s Largest Cake

At the end of the week, he’ll bring his prize — the world’s largest sculpted cake — to Indiana for the 110th anniversary celebration of Kappa Alpha Psi. The 600 square foot red velvet cake is supposed to feed 15000 people at the celebration. Cakeman Raven explained his motives when he said, “It’s going to be a massive cake, so why not compete for a record while I’m doing it? Just like when somebody’s in the ring fighting, the more medals you have, the bigger the following’s going to be.”

The Baking Process

Cakeman and his associates have been quite busy. They’ve kicked off the week long baking process in Cakeman’s East New York warehouse as a dozen people are using eight ovens to bake the cake one layer at a time. He wanted to make the cake at home rather than making it in Indiana because he said that the red velvet just wouldn’t be the same if it were made outside of Brooklyn.

The enormous cake will make its debut tomorrow. In total, it includes 1500 pounds of sugar, 2500 pounds of flower, 750 pounds of butter, 335 dozen eggs, 5000 pounds of confectioners’ sugar, 500 quarts of milk, and 16 gallons of red food coloring.

Picture by Kevin Hagen for the New York Daily News. Here Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz helps Cakeman Raven pour red velvet batter at his bakery in Brooklyn.


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