Brooklyn Aviators Take Their Final Bow

If you were looking forward to the upcoming season with the Brooklyn Aviators hockey team — you might want to think of something else to do this winter. That’s because the minor league hockey team won’t be returning to Floyd Bennett Field. As Coach Rob Miller said,

“There’s no more team in Brooklyn.”

Simultaneously announcing the demise of the Brooklyn team, Miller also explained that he’ll be heading to lead the hockey team in Georgia. The good news is that Miller is hoping to take some of the current players South with him.

The first rumblings of the hockey team’s problems came in March, when the team owner Brian O’Donahue said that he needed new investors. As he said then to the Brooklyn Daily,

“It’s no secret that this hockey team is not a money-making operation, but we know it can be. That’s why we’re looking for alternate sources of income. We’re taking it step by step and hope that nothing about the team will change.”

Now, the Aviators will be a memory. Their first season in the 2010-2011 season was amazing, as they won 21 straight games and ended the season as the Federal Hockey League’s highest-ranked team. Last season they finished in fourth place.


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