Auctioning Off Parts of the Coney Island Boardwalk

You, too, could have purchased a piece of the Coney Island Boardwalk this week. recently, many bits of the Coney Island history were sold at auction this week to the highest bidder. Many companies, facing eviction notices by the amusement company Zamperla, figure they can make a few dollars auctioning off their wares.

Memorabilia for Sale

Such memorabilia that sold at the auction included an upright piano, a Stuff-your-own-teddy-bear machine, a fog-making machines, bar stools, cigar boxes and more. Auctioneer Joe Benigno rattled off all sorts of goods for sale as the small crowd snapped up bargains by the minute.

Benigno, of Best Buy Auctioneers, said,

“People want to get old-fashioned stuff for their bars, memorabilia that was part of Coney Island.”

He conducted the sale along with Vincent J. Casale & Co.

Times Ahead

Certainly, for restaurant and store owners, this was a sign of depressing times ahead. For those hoping for a clean new look on Coney Island, it’s a sign of the possibilities that are yet to come. And for bargain hunters? Well, for them it was simply a good day.


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