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9/11 Remains Identified…11 Years Later

World Trade Center
World Trade Center

For one family, it offers a sense of closure, at least. Eleven years after the World Trade Center Towers fell, another body has been identified. Karol Ann Keasler‘s family can now rest, a bit, knowing what happened to their family member.

A Surprising Discover

As sister Susan told the Daily News,

“It’s been almost 11 years. And after all this time, I had come to believe that things like this only happen on ‘CSI.’ ”

Keasler was an event planner for the investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods working on the 89th floor of the south tower.

Her remains were identified in part because of a breakthrough technology that was only developed years after 9/11. It allows for the identification of a person from just small bone fragments. After 9/11, all that they had was a bone from Karol Keasler’s foot — but it turned out to be enough.

Susan reported, “I didn’t even realize they were still trying to identify her until the Nevada police came to my mother’s door and told us what they had found in New York.”

Bringing Karol Home

And now, at least, they will have a piece of Karol to bury at some point. The bone fragment is going to be returned to her mother, Denise Keasler, in Nevada and her mother reports that she will have it cremated with her own remains when she dies.

With this identification, 1633 victims have now been identified from the recovery after 9/11. Another 1120 people either didn’t have their remains identified, or didn’t recover anything to identify.

Keasler’s sister remembers her as a vivacious woman who loved to travel and enjoy life. As the sister said,

“She wasn’t even supposed to be in New York that day. She was in Italy planning her wedding, and she came back a week earlier to plan an event for her company.”

In 2005, other reminders of Karol were found at the site. They recovered Karol’s business cards, an emery board and a nail clipper in a small makeup case that she always carried.

Now, they’ll have one more piece with which to remember her by.


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