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5 Tips for Outdoor Safety This Summer

hikingAs New Yorkers set out for the summer, it’s very important to pay attention to children’s needs and to have the right expectations. Certainly, if you’re heading to a five star hotel, you don’t need to plan ahead too much or think about what your children will need. The hotel will take care of that. But if you’re like so many New Yorkers, and you’re looking for a bit more adventure than a hotel can offer, then you’ll want to have these ideas in your back pocket.

Some recommendations to help kids include: making sure you know how much the kids are able to do, making sure they get enough sleep, keeping temperatures regulated, and keeping everyone fed and especially well-hydrated on hot days. It is always important to drink, irrespective of whether or not one claims to be thirsty.   It is about safety, not thirsty.

In addition, it is vital that kids who are being trusted enough to come on the trip are able to follow rules. When going on hikes it is imperative there are no rebels and that everyone sticks together – the last thing one needs is to spend half the time looking for some child who has decided to play a game of hide and seek without telling anyone.




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