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The New York Botanical Garden Recieves National Medal

Michelle Obama, First Lady, recently awarded the New York Botanical Garden with the 2010 National Medal for Museum and Library Service. This award is the highest for museums, libraries and other institutions that make remarkable economic, social and environmental contributions to their communities.

The New York Botanical Garden was founded in 1891. It is a museum of plants, an educational institute and a center of scientific research. The award was given in honor of the garden’s groundbreaking work in botany, conservation and horticulture technology. The 250 acre garden is home to thousands of plants, trees, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

President of the New York Botanical Garden Gregory long said “we are extremely honored to have the New York Botanical Garden’s achievements recognized by the Institute of Museum and Library Services through this prestigious award. The Botanical Garden is thrilled to receive the National medal for museum and Library Service. This award is a tribute to our dedicated staff members who continue to pursue the garden’s mission in horticulture, science, education and community service.”


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