Williamsburg Welcomes Luxury Bathhouse

Herod’s Large Bathhouse, Massada. Photo courtesy Carole Raddato

Just when you thought Williamsburg could not get any more fashionable, up pops an exclusive, luxury bathhouse. Owners Travis Talmadge and Jason Goodman took a vintage 1930s soda factory and turned into inviting tubs, tiles, and towels.

Architect Verona Carpenter spared nothing in her design of the ultimate getaway right next door.

Bathers enter into a space that is retro and ultra-new simultaneously. Crisp clean features contrast and blend with vaulted ceilings and original brickwork. A wonderland of relaxation welcomes patrons into the enormous 6500 square foot underground expanse.

Step into the luxurious world of thermal pools, two types of cedar-wood saunas, a starlight steam room, cryotherapy cubbies, and even a “Float Lab” sensory deprivation tank. Do you crave more stimulation and not less? The space offers any number of massages, scrubs, and deep stretches.

Once you are feeling great on the outside, its time to pamper your inside, also. The facility also boasts a restaurant offering the fare of expert chef Nejc Seruga which includes the cuisine of Northern and Eastern Europe.

I think we can safely now say that with the addition of The Bathhouse, Williamsburg has it all.


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