Tyra Banks Wows at New York Public Library

If you were lucky, you could have caught a glimpse of Tyra Banks Sunday at the New York Public Library.   Promoting her new fiction novel Modelland, Banks actually has the brains behind the looks.   In addition to hosting her show “America’s Next Top Model” Banks is attending Harvard Business School in her spare time.

Modelland Explained

While at the Library, Banks told those in attendance that,

“Writing a book is new for me. But the message is the same.”

Modelland is intended to be the first in a young adult series which will focus on issues about eating disorders, cutting and other difficulties.   While certainly not autobiographical, the book is inspired by some of her own experiences.

Modelland is about Tookie De La Crème, an awkward teenager who gets invited to Modelland. She pointed out to the crowd of 400 teens that many children suffer from body image issues and from bullying and that her book attempts to address some of these issues.

Mesmerizing Teens

Many of the teenagers in attendance were mesmerized by Banks.   Cree Payton of Jamaica, Queens said that Tyra, “She respects people for who they are and she’s down to earth.”   One mother, Evelyn Irizarry of Cypress Hills, pointed out how important it is for the girls to have a role model.   As she said, “That’s what these girls need – someone to look up to.”


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