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Two New York Races Still Not Determined

Brooklyn Voting BoothThe victory of five-term incumbent Long Island Democrat Timothy Bishop no longer looks certain as the original vote count is being brought into question. After the first round of counting Bishop, representative of New York’s First Congressional District, was ahead by 3,461 votes. On the second go-round, however, the voting machines of Suffolk County revealed that the Republican challenger, Randy Altschuler, really was in the lead, by the thinnest of margins, a mere 392 votes. This information was first published on the Facebook page of Mr. Altschuler’s campaign. The final outcome will only be decided after the over 9,000 absentee ballots are tallied up.

The outcome of the election for the representative of the 25th Congressional District of New York has also not been finalized. At the last count only 1,000 votes separated the Democratic incumbent Dan Maffei from the Republican candidate Ann Marie Buerkle.


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