Streisand Does Brooklyn at Barclays

Barbra Streisand Comes Home to Brooklyn

Telling the crowd at Barclays Center that the last time she performed solo in Brooklyn was when she was an 8-year old girl "on somebody's stoop on Pulaski Street," Barbra Streisand wowed 18,000 fans on Thursday evening.

Thursday’s three-hour concert and a follow-up performance on Saturday night represent the 70-year old iconic singer’s return to her hometown as she told the audience:

"Hello Brooklyn! Who said you can't come home again, right? Just Thomas Wolfe."

Between Streisand’s powerful renditions of some of her most beloved tunes such as People, Evergreen and The Way We Were, a video from the summer of 1979 was played for the crowd. The video depicted residents of Streisand’s Brooklyn neighborhood talking about their famous homey, her abilities as a singer and performer, her family, and of course her nose.

One woman in the video said that Streisand was "Purely a reflection of Brooklyn."  At the end of the video another woman begged: "Come back to Brooklyn and give us a concert."

Streisand’s answer came at once:

"It might have taken me 33 years, but I'm finally here," she said to the crowd.

"I left Brooklyn to pursue my dreams. Brooklyn quite never left me," Streisand commented to a much admiring audience.



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