New York

Second Annual Morbid Anatomy Fair Held in Gowanus

A research library in Gowanus, Brooklyn is hosting the second annual Morbid Anatomy fair for the holiday season. The creepy craft show sells jewelry, art and various other holiday gifts and artifacts possibly more appropriate formorbid film lovers on Halloween than traditional Santa Claus fans.

This year’s show will feature the works of a former Museum of Natural History worker, with an anthropomorphic taxidermy theme. One example is a group of beetle playing the piano. Other interesting items include rare anatomy books, voodoo photograph, ceramic bat masks, gory vials and ominous jewelry. A library science student will also be exhibiting some sparkling crocheted skulls. The event offers free Brooklyn Brewery Beer as well

According to Joanna Ebenstein, founder of the Morbid Anatomy Library on Union Street, holiday fairs usually ‘suck’. “Ours isn’t going to” she said. “This is for the people who are into the niche weird stuff you can’t get anywhere else.”

“I don’t think there’s any holiday fair like this” Ebenstein said. “It’s slightly goofy but also very elegant” she added.

Ebenstein launched the Morbid Anatomy Library in 2008 after touring similar museums in Italy, the Netherlands, Scotland and other regions. The library’s collection is available by appointment only, and is home to medical antiques, taxidermy, diagrams, jarred specimens and prosthetics.


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