New York

Read Brooklyn with Jennifer Maravillas

It sounds like something that Jonathan Safran Foer would have written. But it’s not fiction; Jennifer Maravillas is walking every single block of Brooklyn in pursuit of her art at the moment. She is collecting one single piece of paper from every block in Brooklyn (every one!) and compiling them into an artistic map, similar to ones that she has already done in San Francisco and Manhattan.

Jennifer Maravillas
San Francisco by Jennifer Maravillas

The project is called 71 Square Miles and it is her goal to make maps and illustrations inspired by the collection of paper that she finds along her way in Brooklyn.

On her website, she invites all those interested to come along with her on her quest. She explains her strategy by saying, “Strategies of collection will meander amongst: walking straight lines and sharp turns waterfront to waterfront, exploring entire neighborhoods at a time, and days with no plan at all.”

She hopes that, once her project is complete, “the viewer will literally read Brooklyn.”

Learn more about this fascinating artist and the adventures that she is having around New York!


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