An Evening of Discovery to Benefit Those with Disabilities or Frailties

Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery
The Center for Discovery

Only 90 minutes away from New York City, in Harris, New York, is a special place which is making a huge impact on adults and children with severe disabilities, other medical frailties, and a growing number of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Center for Discovery.

Located in the Catskills on a beautiful multi-campus facility, the Center is the largest provider for children with serious disabilities in the New York State program. The Center provides care and therapy for 171 children in 23 residences, and special education services to a total of 269 children of school age, 100 of those day students.

The program for adults offers a variety of residential choices for 144 people, ages 21 to 87. Options for adults with severe disabilities, medical frailties and aging issues range from 24-hour nursing care residences to five-bed homes on a newly renovated Thanksgiving Farm.

Coming up on May 14, concerned people who would like to support the work of The Center will have the opportunity at “An Evening of Discovery;” this is an auction fundraiser which is the signature fundraising of the year for The Center. CEO Patrick Dollard, Center for Discovery, will join the many others paying tribute to those people who have shown themselves to be devoted to the goals of The Center.

This fundraising event will take place at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers, on 23rd Street on the Hudson River. Cocktails will be served at 6pm and dinner at 7pm. Dinner guests will be encouraged to participate in the live silent auction, while others can also participate in the auction online.


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