Olympics Inspire Free Volleyball Clinics at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Volleyball at Pier 6

People across the globe are reestablishing their athletic identities after inspiration from this year’s breathtaking Olympic Games.

Beach volleyball is one of the simpler sports to learn, and adults, teens and children have begun seeking outlets to hone their skills. Brooklyn Bridge Park is now home to free volleyball workshops throughout the summer, thanks to Metro Beach Sports and Big City Volleyball.

in an interview with NY1, Keith Miller of MBS explained:

“The Olympics has increased the interest in beach volleyball, which is great. We want to get the kids involved as young as possible so they’ll stick with us and eventually join leagues and stuff and love the sport.”

Big City Volleyball’s Dave Walker added:

“We use a lot of positive reinforcement, we get the kids down here, and teach them the bump, set, there’s a lot of teamwork that goes into volleyball and they do a great job.”

Adam Delgado, one of the instructors at the park, said “It’s not a hard game at all to learn. It’s pretty simple, and the highlight of my day is I want to make it fun for somebody to learn.”

Numerous other volleyball clinics are being offered at camps and after-school programs throughout the city. Sponsored in part by Pier 6 leagues and tournaments, the classes are open to everyone free of charge.



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