New York

New Yorkers Seek the Fast Track to Nutrition

It’s not easy finding the time to eat nutritiously when one’s life centers around riding the subway to work and then spending hours in front of a computer screen as so many New Yorkers have accustomed themselves to doing. To make matters worse lunch break often results in plenty of indulgence since food choices range from any of the fast food falafel or gyro venders (that congregate outside of the vast multitude of Mid-Town Manhattan office buildings) to upscale restaurants that are anything but healthy.

It’s true that one solution is packing a lunch from home, but that just isn’t trendy and it can be down right time consuming. Another option is to locate some of the more “green cafes” that have begun to sprout up (pardon the pun) in many areas of Manhattan. This is a trendy option and one where as time goes on can be made into a regular foray for lunch time outings.

It’s true not everyone can stomach raw, vegan or even just a meatless lunch, so a third and probably just as plausible an option is nutritional supplements like the kinds that Mannatech offers. It may not be trendy or “socially cool” but it will save time and give a lot in the long run.


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