New York Islanders Eyed the Ice for First Glimpse of their New Digs

Islanders on their way to Brooklyn's Barclay Center on the LIRR
Islanders on their way to Brooklyn’s Barclay Center on the LIRR

The big move is coming for the Long Island-based hockey team, the New York Islanders. The team is planning its move from Nassau County to Kings after the 2014-2015 season is completed, making their new home at the mega event location, Barclays Center, in the heart of Brooklyn.

According to CEO of Barclays, Brett Yormark, and Islanders owner Charles Wang, the change in venue will not be accompanied with any alteration in their uniform colors or their nickname.

The team game over for their visit mimicking the way their fans will most likely be making the journey; via the Long Island Railroad. After their arrival they had their first training camp practice on the new ice, with some great reactions afterwards.

“It’s going to be fun” center Casey Cizikas said. “You could see when the Nets played in the playoffs last year against the Bulls, it was rocking and we’re going to be looking forward to the same thing. I think it’s going to be even louder for us.”

Owner Charles Wang also seemed quite pleased with the space at Barclays.

“I think there’s one word for it, it’s beautiful” Wang said of Barclays. “I’m very happy as you can see from the smile.”

CEO of Barclays Brett Yormark explained that the event center was primarily built to house concerts and basketball games, and obstructed view seating will not be offered for hockey games. Therefore the maximum capacity for a hockey game will be 15,813.

“In any NHL building, you’re going to have a couple of seats scattered that don’t have total views, there might be little pinches where you can’t see” Yormark said. “There are 416 – because I’ve sat in every seat here in the building – that have very limited views. They will be off the manifest and will not be a part of the sellable capacity.”


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