New York City Schools Bring Home Better Grades on Crime

School Chancellor Dennis Walcott
School Chancellor Dennis Walcott

According to the Department of Education, New York City Schools have experienced a 14 percent decrease in major felony crimes and an almost one third drop in violent crimes during the past school year.

In the past 13 years the overall reduction of crime in schools has been particularly commendable, with a 56 percent reduction in major crimes, and a 55 percent drop in violent crimes since 2000.

The Chancellor of Schools, Dennis Walcott, together with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly believe that the good grades can be attributed to “Impact School“ and initiative that was launched by the school system in 2004.

Impact School requires schools to address all crimes and to treat them through peer mediation and negotiation. Anti-bullying awareness is also promoted. Suspensions are used when needed. Nevertheless the data shows that not only was there a decrease in crime, there was also a decrease in the number of suspensions by about 23 percent during this past year.


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