New Endowment at Brooklyn Law School

It’s always important to know about donations back into the community and ways that people are giving of themselves and their money to help others. Brooklyn Law School has become one such recipient, with the recent $15 million endowment from Allen Grubman, an alumnus, and his wife, Deborah. The school has now introduced the Allen Grubman Chair in Media and Entertainment Law which will support excellence in the field of media and entertainment law by attracting a renowned scholar to the position.

Grubman’s path from a graduate of Brooklyn Law School to a prominent entertainment law professional, representing major figures in the industry, demonstrates his expertise and dedication to his field. During the announcement, Grubman expressed his belief in the importance of education and his desire to contribute to the preparation of future lawyers in navigating the complexities of media and entertainment law.

The impact of the Grubman endowment is expected to be significant, enhancing the faculty, increasing student opportunities, and improving the school’s reputation in media, sports, and entertainment law. Brooklyn Law School aims to further establish itself in these areas, with the Allen Grubman Chair serving as a key component in this effort. This endowment is viewed as an investment in legal education and the future of the profession.


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