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Top Chef Creates New Brooklyn Restaurant

Food from Talde's

If you’re looking for a new hot spot in Brooklyn to eat out — look no further. Dale Talde, of “Top Chef” fame has now opened a restaurant called Talde.   He was originally the Chef de Cuisine at the Buddakan but left there in early 2011 to film “Top Chef: All Stars.”

Creating His Own Space

Returning after the show, Talde decided that he wanted to own his own place.   Now, the restaurant includes an Asian-American influence and is located on Seventh Avenue.   His spot has a full bar with wide screen TVs, an open kitchen and a menu to die for. It’s open at the moment from 5 pm each night for dinner, but will soon be serving up lunch and brunch as well.

The Divine Menu

His menu items at the moment include Long Island fluke, perilla leaves with toasted shrimp and a pork shoulder with smoked miso mustard.   He explained his restaurant philosophy as he said,

“I’m not the kind of chef who’s going to say ‘this is how it is, and this is the only way to do it. I’m going to let the menu happen naturally. I’m going to listen to what the people are saying.”

As Talde explained, “This neighborhood felt like it needed a place like this. And I’m happy were the ones to bring it to them.”


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