Neo-Nazis in Our Neighborhood

Some may not realize that there is a terrifying movement growing in our midst.   In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, there is a group of Polish neo-Nazis who are flourishing and proudly displaying their racist and disgusting beliefs.

Their presence has come to the attention of residents, slowly, first through the sold-out sale of swaztika stud earrings at The Bejewelled shop on Manhattan Avenue and then with the findings of recent photographs by Brooklyn-based photographer Adam Krause.

Picture by Adam Krause


Krause recently noticed a man at a Greenpoint gym wearing a T-shirt with racist symbols. Intrigued, he approached the man and expressed his interest in photographing him and his friends.

As he told the Daily Mail Online,

‘It took a lot of coordination (to photograph them), but I introduced myself to them and showed them my work and obviously there was some sort of interest for them as well.’

The startling photographs show five men posing for Mr. Krause in Greenpoint, some with swastika flags in the background.

In 2009, the Greenpoint Gazette pointed out an upsurge in anti-Semitic and homophobic graffeti on mailboxes and on some walls.   A Facebook group called Greenpoint Antifa has also been working to serve as watchdogs against the “fascist, violent” conditions they see growing in the neighborhood.

It appears to be time to pay attention, and to figure out a way to take action, if necessary.   These pictures are certain unsettling – and don’t bode well for what appears to be a growing undercurrent in our area.

See all of the photos by Adam Krause on the Daily Mail Online.


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