Neil Diamond Planning Surprise Concert in Brooklyn

Neil Diamond in 2010
Neil Diamond in 2010

Despite having been raised in Brooklyn and attending two Brooklyn high schools, Erasmus in Flatbush and Lincoln in Brighton Beach, Neil Diamond has never once performed in concert in his home town. That is all about to change. September 29 will be the day tickets will go on sale for a concert he is planning on that very same night, but until the announcement is officially made on Diamond’s Twitter and Facebook pages, no one will know either where or at what time the concert will be performed.

The 73-year old popular singer has been performing in all sorts of venues for at least 50 years, but his first ever Brooklyn show should prove to be something truly special. As soon as ticket sales are announced, at about 8am on September 29, there sale will be only on a first-come, first-served, basis.

The announcement of the surprise concert came quickly after another announcement that Diamond is releasing a new album, Melody Road, on October 21. The 12-track recording is the first release for Diamond, a Rock-and-Roll Hall-of-Famer, since he negotiated a new contract with Capitol Records.


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