Massive Thunderstorms Flood New York

Massive thunderstorms hit the five boroughs last night, resulting in substantial flooding in both Brooklyn and Queens. A flash flood warning was issued by the National Weather Service, but people throughout the city were still caught off guard by the storms’ intensity.

Residents all turned to social media to share information, photos and even videos with their fellow New Yorkers.

Uploading an image of a submerged street corner, @jorcohen tweeted: “Crazy flooding near the B/Q on Kings Highway right now.”

Meanwhile, “4th Ave in #ParkSlope just totally flooded. Waist deep in some spots. #brooklyn” according to @evatography.

@hughsanson added: “Severe flooding in Brooklyn this afternoon and evening, including near Gowanus Canal- which means sewage and toxic waste.”

Here is some footage from Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island, as well as Queens, by Scott McPartland. He explained:

“These storms strengthened rapidly and literally sat over me for about 30 minutes dumping copious amounts of rain.

“My rain gauge recorded 2.12 inches of rain in just over 30 minutes…A few close lightning strikes thrown in for good measure and all in all, I’d say it was an eventful day. Many parts of the area are still without power due to all the lightning.”


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