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New Litter of Squaredy Cats Coming to Stores

A new litter of Squaredy Cats has recently been created, with another due on shelves in springtime, too.

Created by Park Slope designers Kurt Marquart and Elaine de la Mata, the first 8 cat toys were introduced to Toys R Us and similar stores last season. They were very popular, and so a new batch was ordered for the fall, consisting of four of the original cats, and four new models.

The four best-selling originals include Candie, who is “Not Squared to be Sweet” Tiger Lily, who isn’t “Squared to Go Wild” Midnight, who is “Not Squared of the Dark” and Giggles, who is certainly “Not Squared to Act Silly.”

Manufactured by Gund, these Squaredy Cats are created for young and pre-teen girls. The cats are created and designed by the couple in their studio in Gowanus.

The four new Squaredy cats include Sandy who’s “Not Squared to Make Waves” with a surfboard and turquoise and white stripes; as well as Pearl, who is “Not Squared to Smile” with a big bright braces-filled smile and a camera. Scarlett looks like a ladybug, and is “Not Squared to Bug You” while Star is “Not Squared to Shine.”

De le Mata explained: “Actually, ‘Bug You’ was one of our original graphics before we even made them into plush. She didn’t get bought in the first round and so we were really excited that she made the second.”

“It’s very early to tell, but the people that we actually meet who tell us which one they like best love Star because she’s really, really sparkly.”

Now, the couple hopes to expand their business, and is in talks with distributors around the world.

“We’re very hopeful that by the end of this year we’ll have Squaredy Cats also available in the UK, Australia and several countries in Europe and Asia” Marquart said.


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