Kidd Named New Head Coach for Brooklyn Nets

Jason Kidd: Head Coach Brooklyn Nets

Jason Kidd is coming into coaching on the laurels of his superstardom as a 10-time All Star, six-season Net, and driving force behind the Brooklyn Nets’ two times as participants in the NBA finals in 2002 and 2003, with no previous coaching background.

Kidd leads the roster for the Nets as the team’s leader in assists, steals, three-point field goals and triple doubles, making it easier for him to be accepted as a potentially top-notch coach, too. Nets manager Billy King explains that although Kidd has never acted as a coach, his background and storehouse of knowledge should make up for whatever experience might be lacking.

“Does he have a learning curve? Yes,” King said. “But I think if you know Jason, he doesn’t take something and just say, ‘I want to be good at it.’ He wants to be great.”

Kidd himself is more than ready for the challenge of coaching, as he explained:

“I’m very excited about this challenge. I think here in Brooklyn, we have a special opportunity to achieve that status, and that’s to be a championship-type caliber team. And so I’m looking forward to being a part of that and helping with structure,” said Kidd. “But again, sharing the things as a player as being unselfish, you know, communicating, and for being tough and hopefully I can get that across to the guys.”


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