Janet Jackson in Brooklyn Filming While Touring the US

Janet Jackson Unbreakable Tour, Honolulu, Hawaii 2015. Photo courtesy J Vettorino from USA.

After her performance during her State of the World Tour in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Janet Jackson headed to Brooklyn to film a new music video. She is now on the road, bringing her music to fans across the United States- but she had time for a detour to Brooklyn.

Being 52 has not slowed down Janet at all. She was seen filming dressed in an eccentric assortment of colorful clothing, with a bevy of backup dancers by her side. Her headgear was an exotic turban of yellow and green, tied into a topknot on the crown of her head. One braid flowed down one of her shoulders.

Adorning her body was a graphic t-shirt and generously worn jeans belted with a giant, wide leather belt. Her t-shirt was tucked into her pants and belt, and her shoes were tucked into a pair of golden yellow stiletto, high-heeled ankle boots. Covering the creative concoction of clothes was a pink calico half-skirt.

Just to make sure there was enough razzmatazz, the singer accented the entire look with a bright purple choker and a few gold medallions hanging ‘round her neck.

Backing her up were several dancers clad in distressed jeans and sneakers.

The video involved one costume change in which Janet remade herself with a huge Afro, a black-checked skirt and a red-checked top. At this point she was filmed with Daddy Yankee.
Jackson was on tour across the US when word came to her of her father Joe’s passing from pancreatic cancer on June 27, when she took a break in her tour.

She returned to her tour in July and revealed the advice she received from one of her brothers about dealing with the death of her dead. Janet told the crowd at her concert that her brother said to imagine what dad would have said to her.

She explained: “’I think my father would have said, Janet, please…’Finish what you’ve started. And I will be there with you every step of the way in your heart. So here I am.’


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