GoogaMooga Back in Town: Promises More User Friendly Experience

GoogaMooga 2012
GoogaMooga 2012

This coming weekend, from Friday May 17 to Sunday May 19, the amazing GoogaMooga Food and Music Festival returns to Prospect Park for its second fabulous year. Promising to deal with all the issues that made last year’s GoogaMooga a bit less than perfect, Jonathan Mayers, co-founder of the event’s producer Superfly Presents, reassured potential participants:

“Last year the turnout was absolutely huge, which is a good problem to have. It wasn’t perfect but we learned a lot, and we’re giving the restaurants tremendous resources this year to respond to that volume.”

At last year’s festival lines 30 minutes long for tacos were reported, drinking water was in short supply and there was even fisticuffs over fried chicken. A bit rough, even for Brooklyn. Attendees who paid $250 for the premium tickets and the privilege of such chaos were refunded their money in the end.

But this promises to be completely different. For one thing, the producers are adding a third day to the event to try and curb the crowds. More food vendors have also been invited to spread the customers over more merchants, and an area that last year was reserved for only the VIPs, the Extra Mooga section, will be accessible to everyone for the general admission price. More water will be made available, as well as supplementary cell towers and “Rhino Mats” which will protect grass from rough shoes.

Those interested parties that did not win the on-line lottery for the free general admission tickets, or did not purchase the VIP Cocktail Experience passes before they were all sold out (for $79.50 each), there is a still a chance to attend the party. For $54.50 there are still tickets available for the Friday night kickoff concert, on-line. This ticket entitles the bearer to performances by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Flaming Lips; all food, wine and beer vendors (excluding cocktails) and entrance to the festival on either Saturday or Sunday.

“I think this year will be even better than last” says Emily Lloyd, president of Prospect Park Alliance, which credits GoogaMooga with bumping its membership by a few hundred over the last year. “I fully intend to eat a lot.”

For more information go to the official GoogaMooga web site:


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