Get Your Running Shoes Out for the NYC Marathon

For anyone who has qualified for the New York City Marathon, Sunday November 4th, here is some important information as you get ready to run. If you’ve run the marathon before, then you’re probably already familiar with many of these pointers. The Marathon is a new experience, and a thrilling one at that, for those who haven’t had the honor of participating in the past.

Once you’ve been accepted into the marathon, you’ll see that your credit card will be charged the application fee and you’ll have your runner profile updated. You’ll get periodic email updates as the race gets closer and you can find more updates and information at the site, among other locations.

Some people enjoy running the race for charity, certainly a lovely idea. Charity runners actually raised $34 million in 2011, and this year’s runners can take a look at the accepted charities to get involved for 2012.   These charity organizations are listed at the nycmarathon website.

For those runners who want a warm up Baltimore holds their marathon a month before.   One Brooklyn Runner, Frank Storch, who keeps a daily journal of his training online is doing both.   “I ran in the NYC Marathon last year and I am excited to be running in both this year,” says Storch.

For people who are chomping at the bit to find out about their running placement, they’ll have to wait until October for that information.   Finally, to really get started and committed for the race, there is a dynamic training program provided at the same site. This program includes 20-week, 16-week and 12-week plans that help each marathon runner to get ready for the big day!


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