Frank Armijo: Helping Others

A recent Pew Research Center survey found that around 58 percent of American adults of Hispanic heritage have been discriminated against due to race/ethnicity with darker skinned members of this community being impacted even more. Many people in leadership positions like Frank Armijo have been working to tackle these issues.

Setting up programs to create awareness, engaging in projects specifically geared at assisting this community and working toward ending discrimination of this community is crucial. To date,  Frank Armijo has engaged in many ways to try to achieve these goals. He has done so by co-founding the Hispanic Academic Achievers Program and being its first Chair. Additionally, he was a co-chair of the Lockhead Martin Hispanic Outreach Leadership Association.

Discrimination is certainly wrong in any form. It takes leaders with the right priorities and with never-ending energy to help to ensure that all workers have the same opportunities. Certainly, Frank Armijo is one of those leaders, and he has been recognized for these efforts with the Hispanic Engineer National Achievements (HENAAC) Award for Executive Excellence. 


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