Film Biz Recycling Comes to the Rescue in Gowanus

We all know that one person’s waste might just be another person’s treasure. This is definitely the case with the local organization Film Biz Recycling. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, everyone in the Gowanus area has been picking up the pieces and recovering from the floods.

Helping Those in Need

Film Biz takes “media waste” such as props and set materials and finds a place for things that would otherwise be thrown away. Founder Eva Radke and Director of Marketing Development and Outreach, Jane Borock, were on the scene in Gowanus this week helping with the recovery efforts.

Paints, Lumber and More

This Gowanus charity is, at the moment, offering residence all sorts of items from furniture and lumber to paint that has all been retrieved from the sets of high budget Hollywood movies. They are given it virtually free of charge to those in need in the area. Residents can call, email or drop by the President Street warehouse to get the help they need.

Wish Lists

Film Biz has even said that residents can create a wish list of their needs and that Film Biz will look out for those items and contact people when they find things. As Borock said,

“We are always willing, and when we can, keep our eyes open to the needs of people in the community.”

She continued by saying, “We keep things in circulation instead of going into the land fill. There is already enough stuff out there to go around” – it’s just a matter of finding the right place for it.”


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