Cuomo Claus Visits Brooklyn

Brooklyn kids at the Hope City Empowerment Center in Prospect Heights who were good all year received some special treats from Governor Andrew Cuomo, acting the part of Santa Claus on Sunday.

The governor, along with several other government officials got together to distribute toys, coats and school supplies to the kids, who were even more excited by meeting the politicians as they were about receiving the gifts.

“The governor was nice to everybody, and that’s why I like the governor” said one participant.

“I think it was very nice for him to come and give kids gifts and other people that didn’t have money to go buy gifts,” another individual declared. “I think it was nice for him to come.”

“I’m happy because I never met him in my life, and it was my dream to meet him,” exclaimed someone else who was there.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Governor Andrew Cuomo

Rachel Thornbee

When it comes to politics and deal making in the streets of Brooklyn, Rachel is on top of it. With a degree in political science and another in business leadership, Rachel can discuss the inner workings of the system with the best of them. We are excited to have Rachel joining Gowanus Lounge, reporting on the great goals and challenges of Brooklyn's political infrastructure. Contact Rachel at rachelthornbee(at)