Brooklyn Stuffed Animal Repair Team to the Rescue

Some might argue that getting a teddy bear mended isn’t the most important thing happening in Brooklyn — but it you were the little kid with the torn teddy bear, it just might feel like it is.
That’s why a Brooklyn mother-daughter team started NYC   Lovey Repair, “operating” on stuffed animals that need repairs.   Becca Benghiat and Amalia take the animals into their homes. As Becca said, “So far, it’s a 100% success. We’ve been able to get the animals back in the same day. The kids are so happy.”

They’ve turned their own house in Prospect Heights into a veterinary hospital, of sorts, welcoming stuffed animals in for plastic surgery, operations and more.   As Benghiat said,

“We seem to do lots of plastic surgery. We’ve had some people bring in identical donors – take the head off this one, and put it on the other one. That’s usually a secret exchange with the parents.”

As of June 23rd, the NYC Lovey Repair will be officially open for business, enabling people to make appointments to get their stuffed pets completely refurbished free of charge.   Those who are interested can find the duo at NYCLoveyRepair@gmail.com


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