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Brooklyn Residents Foolishly Leave Doors Unlocked: Get Robbed

More than one third of the 146 robberies that took place in 2012 in the quickly gentrifying neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn and Boerum Hill happened to those who either left their doors open or unlocked.

The police explain that because there is an overriding feeling of safety today in these neighborhoods residents to not feel a need to lock, or even close their doors. But the police are quick to add that that practice is a mistake. Residents must continue to be vigilant and lock their doors when they leave.

Captain Maximo Tolentino, the commanding officer of the 84th Precinct said in a recent community council meeting that the area had about three crimes a day, making it among the safest neighborhoods in all of New York City.

But these statistics have unfortunately given the residents a false sense of security. Would-be burglars haven’t had to bread a window or climb a fire escape to get into their victims apartments; all they need to do is open the front, or back door.

“Even if you’re home, you can’t assume it’s okay to leave your front door open” said Tolentino.



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