New Yorkers Ready for Summer Streets Program

Get ready to enjoy your time outdoors this summer in New York City, as they are rolling out their Summer Street program.   This summer for three consecutive Saturdays starting on August 6th, New Yorkers will be able to walk, dance, rollerblade, bike and cycle their way through many of New York’s streets.

Enjoying the Summer Streets

The 7 mile event blocks off streets from the Brooklyn Bridge up to Central Park for three Saturdays in a row so that vendors can set up street fairs and people can enjoy some time outdoors in the fresh summer air. The streets will be clocked from 7 am to 1 pm.

As Commissioner Sadik-Khan said, “Summer Streets and Weekend Walks are back, with even more opportunities for New Yorkers to stroll, cycle, skate and, in some places, dance their way through the five boroughs. By opening up streets to lively programming, we’re building on a summertime tradition of reconnecting people to these spaces as vibrant public places.”

18 Other Great Activities

In addition to the 7 mile stretch, there will be 18 locations across the city where New Yorkers will be hosting salsa dancing classes and more.

This event is modeled after similarly successful events in Bogota, Columbia and Paris, France.   In addition to all of the other benefits, it’s a great way to encourage more cycling in the city and to address the growing problem of childhood obesity plaguing so many families in America.

Here is a video from MyFoxNY.com showing what Summer Streets is like:

NYC Brings Back Summer Streets: MyFoxNY.com


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