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Touch the Art in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Appearing Rooms, South Bank 1.jpg
“Appearing Rooms, South Bank 1” by Cjc13 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

A new art installation recently opened in Brooklyn Bridge Park, entitled “Please Touch the Art.” Organized and sponsored by New York City’s Public Art Fund, the exhibit, which opened on May 17, is composed of three installations by Danish artist Jeppe Hein.

The exhibit was curated by Nicholas Baume and includes Appearing Rooms, comprised of soaring jets of water; Modified Social Benches, made up of sixteen benches painted bright red; and the vertically placed rectangles of Mirror Labyrinth NY.

Hein’s work is known for its interactive playfulness, and these pieces are no exception.   Mirror Labyrinth invites viewers to not only look at the complex array of mirror-polished stainless steel posts, but to walk through them as well. The pillars are arranged in three radiating arcs, and serve to mirror and distort the famous Manhattan skyline, seen in the distance, but irregularly reflected in the installation. The sculptures ability to obscure as well as reflect the skyline lends each visitor his or her own unique experience of the display, and gives a new meaning and perspective to the lower Manhattan view.

Please Touch the Art will be on display for an entire year at the Brooklyn Bridge Park at 334 Furman Street in Brooklyn, until April 17, 2016. Come and touch the art, and let it touch you.


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