Organizations that Offer Support with Illness or Aging

Jack Lefkowitz
Supporting Patients and their Families

Navigating one’s way through an illness, or the difficulties of aging can be a daunting process. Luckily there are several organizations that exist to offer a helping hand through the complexities of confronting illness.

Brooklyn-based Refuah Resources, headed by Rabbi Shuky Berman with Jack Lefkowitz co-chairing the board, specializes in making referrals, offering support, and acting as an advocate for patients and their families. Utilizing their excellent working relationships with highly regarded physicians and preeminent medical centers all over the world, Refuah Resources can truly make a life changing difference for the people that turn to them.

Team Continuum is a unique organization which provides support for those with cancer and their families. There are several ways in which this support is delivered: Their Patient/Family Assistance Program pays the non-medical bills, such as rent, mortgage, car, gas, and more when there is a need. There is a Toys for Kids Program; and a program that helps improve communication between caregivers and patients through Narrative Workshops which use narrative medicine. Team Continuum raises money through having athletes participate in endurance events such as marathons.

As the population in the US continues to age, organizations that help seniors will play an increasingly important role supporting the elderly. One such organization is BenefitsCheckUp. A free service of the National Council on Aging, BenefitsCheckUp helps those over 55 years old find the federal and local benefits available which could save them money.

There are many more similar organizations helping people get through what can be one of the most difficult challenges life has to offer.


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