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Not to Fear: Well-Trained TSOs Are Here

As holiday season approaches and many people are gearing up for air-travel, they will be required to take a stand either inside the full naked body scanner, or outside with a slightly perverted pat-down. It is certainly reassuring to know, however violated you may feel, literally, at least you are in good hands, literally, with the well-trained, highly professional Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) on duty.

Uhh, maybe. Apparently, according to a well-timed report released by the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General, some flaws have been uncovered in the TSA’s screener-training program. The problems seem to be systemic, including a shortage of on-the-job training monitors, too slow or broken computers, bad management resulting in the TSOs inability to keep posted of the most up-to-date information on their legally-required training, and more.

“TSOs described rushing through course material without devoting the attention needed to retain the lessons” reads the report, which is dated Oct. 26, and was made public last week. “TSA officials agreed that if TSOs hurry through training courses because they are not being allocated sufficient time by management or they do not have access to training computers, they may not receive adequate or quality training.”

Considering the fact that the entire point of the scanning and pat-downs is entirely to prevent tragedies from occurring in flight or at the airport, it seems that well-trained TSOs would be a high priority for the TSA and poor training would be considered something intolerable. After all, if us plain traveling folk are willing to be manhandled and x-rayed for the sake of security, the least we can demand is the same level of sacrifice from the bureaucrats who are supposed to be bringing us this security.


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